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HTTP gateway

Gateway is designed for Omani users where mig33 is blocked by Govt. It provide most of the swiftymig and all mig33 services
How to use gateway?

1)First register your ID at gateway from our store or contact any merchant by clicking here
2)Now open any version of mig33, open connection settings and put this IP and press connect
IP: httpway.swiftwares.com:8080
No need to change port, all port numbers will work
Once connected login your ID normally. That's all congrats you are now on HTTP Gateway
Check below various features of gateway and commands. Not that all commands must be written in private or in room chat. Other users cannot see your commands

1.5 USD/month
HTTP gateway Features

4) Instant room join
Join any room with this shortcut command:
.jn RoomName
5) Instant private user
.pvt UserName
6) Instant Add user
.add UserName
7) Instant like user
.like UserName or just write .like in user private
8) Flood
.FL 5 SomeText
This command will send flood text 5 times. replace 5 with highr number if you want to flood more times
9) Instant appoint moderator
.mod UserName
10) Instant demote moderator
.dmod UserName
11) Instant ban user
.bn UserName
12) Instant unban user
.ub UserName
13) Get backroom list
.list RoomName
14) Create backroom
Commands under construction

1) Autoleave
2) Auto reply
With autoreply your ID will automatically send specified text to any user who pvt you. To enable autoreply use this command:
.ear AutoReplyText
To disable auto reply use this command:
3) Easy Advertise
You can send private message to all room users with this feature with this command:
.p SomeText
Expected Features

Chat logs
VROOMs within gateway
Swift World
Much more :)